Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hi Guys,

Another A or B question - which one and why?




This piece is about trying to capture the feeling of that last summer bike ride.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Here's a sketch for FanExpo. Basically, it is a line drawing later filled in area by area and I'd love to get some crits on this piece cuz I'm sure I got lazy in areas!

Also, a sneak peek.

August a busy month for anyone else?

Fanexpo, job(coffeeshop), finding contacts, beach, oh, I'm storyboarding for a music video/cooking show in space! The puppets look like they are going to be great. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey! Now I'm gonna try this thing!

I'm in the middle of this painting. I was really feeling it for a while, but then somewhere along the way I started to dislike it. Maybe it's just at that awkward, half-finished stage, but if you have any helpful advice I'd be grateful.

This girl is a witch, and she's casting a spell to keep away those mosquitoes. The bugs are just blocked in colour right now - more detail to come. I'm also planning to clean up some of the lines and shapes, and touch up my gouache where the paint is a little thin.

Do you think I should integrate the colours more throughout the painting, or does the strong yellow/blue separation work?

Resources: Comic Inkers Blog

Here's something cool, a blog by a group of professional comic inkers: Inkers.org. It looks to be pretty dead but there are a handful of great posts to look at, including step-by-step inking and a couple of time lapse video.


To Tree or Not to Tree

I'm working on this drawing, I want to add something to the drawing to give the picture more movement, I was thinking some kind of tree + leaves combo but I'm having trouble fitting them in there.

I feel like they're at the their minimum in terms of size/croppage, If I start making them any smaller or further away they'll start being unrecognizable.

Maybe the solution is just to rearrange a few branches? Or is it okay that the branches/wheels touch?

With trees:


Without trees:


The dimensions are fixed so I can't widen or lengthen.

Ideas? Feel free to draw over it. Other suggestions also welcome.