Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newest boards!

I will be a mother fucking storyboard artist. Even if it kills my neck!
Lot of changes in this one; departing from the Kuzma style of drawing to a more rapid sketch line, much bolder guache style colouring. And an original commercial by me! The idea was a single camera moving along the bell logo. "Where ever you are, however you are, Bell is with you with new blah blah 4G service."
Crits are more than welcome! Where can I improve?


  1. I can't view this bigger so I can't see it properly! Is it just me?

  2. I love this idea, I think it's super smart - what I think might make it even more interesting is keeping the bell logo "reveal" until near the end by swapping out the 3rd panel for the 4th. I think having the panels go from "flat shape" to "3d shape" to "full logo" would tell the story better.

    The way you're using the logo is neat, big blue abstract shapes as a kind of compositional device. But because they're so abstract, when you change their texture (flat to reflective: panel 1 vs. panel 4) it gets confusing - is this still the same blue object?

    Lastly, I think the light blue you're using on the logo in the 3rd panel is too light - it makes the logo look like it's different from the others. I think sticking colours that are close to the logo (i.e don't go too light blue) is best because the colours are so important to the brand identity.

    I don't meant to focus on only teh crits here - I think this is very cool and I really like the less water color-y look you're playing with. The contrast between the flat shapes and the rendering is also fun for my eyes!

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  4. oops I meant "I think sticking to colours that are close to the logo (i.e don't go too light blue)..."

  5. First off, thank you Alexis for taking the time to crit this. :) You are awesome!

    I fixed the link so now you can click through. My intention for the light blue in the 3d panel was to show depth and I think you're right; the colour does change too much. I'll change that!

    I'm intrigued by your idea of switching the 3rd for the 4th panel. My intention was that this commercial would be shot with a single camera shot which is why I follow the letters in order. The reveal might actually be alot sooner than the third panel!

    That being said, you've given me food for thought. Thanks!